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Proper Email Etiquette For Your Flower Delivery Sydney

Are you planning to use email marketing for your flower delivery Sydney? If you already have an email list of target recipients, next concern is the content of your email messages. It is crucial that before you send your email messages that you followed the best emailing practices and observed proper email etiquette for this email marketing campaign to become successful. Here are some recommended email etiquettes that you should consider when sending emails.

 1. Present a professional image

Whenever you engaged yourself into some email marketing, it is vital that you observe a certain degree of formality if you want your target recipients to view your business as a professional provider. If you don’t have an idea about the status, title or position of the recipients of your email messages, address the person with formality by using titles like Mr. or Miss.

2. Always include a “subject”

To ensure your target recipients will have an idea on the content of your email, always include a “subject”. Create catchy headlines of subject titles to attract email recipients to open the email and continue reading it. Providing a subject on your email messages will also help target recipients locate your email in the event they want to go over the content.

3. Use the most applicable text and font format

If you want your email messages to be read, project some level of professionalism on the overall layout. You can start by using the most applicable text and font format that your target recipients will find easy to read. Make sure your email messages have your flower delivery Sydney logo sign on the letterhead. Avoid using bold, colored texts or putting images on your emails because these email formats could categorize your emails as “Spam”.

4. Attach a personalized signature

For your emails to present your business as someone credible or trustworthy, end email messages with your personalized signature which may include the full name of your flower delivery Sydney, website address and contact details.

5. Edit the final draft

Before hitting the “send” button, proofread and edit your email messages. Make sure the content is free for misspelled words, grammatical errors and other mistakes that will send a wrong impression of your business. Your target when sending email messages is provide clear and readable emails to your recipients, so that a final action will be done, either respond to your message or click the link leading to your website’s pages and avail your fresh flower delivery services.

6. Respond in a timely manner

It’s your responsibility to respond to any email received from your email marketing campaign. Don’t let days go by without sending a reply. Your target recipients will give a high regard to your business if you make it a habit to respond in a timely manner, regardless it’s a concern, complaint or inquiry about your prices.

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All You Need To Know About Tipping A Flower Delivery Sydney Guy

Do you find yourself in a compelling situation and you can’t make a decision fast on whether to tip the flower delivery Sydney guy or not upon receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers? If you want to get a clear idea if it is really necessary to give a tip, below are some suggestions that you may find pretty useful the next time a flower delivery guy knocks on your door.

· There is no need to tip

According to experts on etiquette and good manners, it is not a requirement among service providers like a flower delivery provider to demand tips from their customers. Tipping is considered to be a personal preference of the individual receiving the goods or services. So, the next a delivery guy arrives unannounced on your doorstep, don’t feel guilty if you can’t give a tip.

· Tipping can be done to show appreciation for delivering on time

In the event you are the one who placed an order via a flower delivery Sydney where you require fresh flowers to be delivered at your place, tipping is allowed. It could be a sign of appreciation for the effort of the delivery guy made just to deliver your fresh flower blooms order on time.

· Tipping is acceptable for the delivery of a floral arrangement to a specified delivery address

Another reason when tipping is also acceptable is when you personally ordered the fresh flowers from an online flower delivery Sydney shop and requested the delivery guy to deliver them at a given delivery address. Since you don’t want your flower recipient to feel obliged to give a tip, you make an effort to give tip prior the delivery journey by including a tip to your final billing receipt.

· Tipping for flower arrangements ordered for special occasions

Among the events where tipping is allowed is when your ordered flower arrangements for special occasions or events like your own wedding to express your sincere thanks for ensuring the fast delivery of your flower orders.

If you decide to tip, only minimal amount of cash is advisable like $5 or $10. In the event, you were caught by surprised with an unexpected delivery of fresh flower arrangement don’t feel guilty if you can’t give the delivery guy a tip. After all it is their duty to deliver any goods or fresh flowers on time.

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Different Types Of Flower Arrangements That You Can Order Via Flower Delivery Sydney



One of the universal gifts that you can give to anyone living in any parts of the globe is a flower arrangement. Did you know there are different types of flower arrangements that you can order from a flower delivery Sydney shop? Here are some great flower arrangements that you can choose for any occasion.

  1. Bouquet

This is the most favored type of flower arrangement that we see on any occasion or the flower delivery Sydney delivers at your doorstep, a bouquet of fresh flower blooms. It can be a bouquet of roses in same colors, various varieties or combination of flowers in season.

  1. Basket

Another unique flower arrangement that you can send on any occasion is a basket of fresh flowers. The choices for flower arrangements in baskets are numerous due to various styles of baskets to choose from, materials made as well as the add-ons that you can include with your selection of fresh flowers. Many customers who order a basket of fresh flowers try adding balloons, stuffed toys, delectable goodies or fruits to create a more appealing gift to the recipient.

  1. Bucket-tied style

Have you ever ordered a bucket-tied style of flower arrangement? This kind of flower arrangement is often given on special occasions like baptism, bridal shower party or intimate dinner meals where the bucket-tied style flower arrangement is used as decorative piece on the table.

  1. Cottage garden

This next style of flower arrangement is usually used as centerpiece decoration on tables of guests who will be sitting, the cottage garden. Among the fresh flowers used for this particular flower arrangement are lilac, chrysanthemums, orchids and pink roses.

  1. Table tops

Another elegant style of flower arrangement that you can ask if the flower delivery Sydney delivers is the table top. This type of flower arrangement is mostly seen on big gatherings, again used as decorative piece on tables where guests are expected to sit and dine.

  1. Wreath

This last option for flower arrangement is sent to pay respect or tribute to a dead person, usually during funeral services.

Have you found the type of flower arrangement that you can order for a special occasion? If you are having doubts which particular flower arrangement will best suits the event or person to whom you intend to send the flowers, ask the professional advice of the florist.

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